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July is all about red, white, & NAVY! We are swooning over one of our favorite colors ever, being the color of the month of July – Navy! When clients come to us and tell us that they want navy in their wedding, we just can’t contain ourselves! The possibilities are endless when we think of that color. Navy is a strong, bold color that makes everything look timeless. Navy

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Light Blue, Baby Blue, Spa Blue, Pale Blue – you name it we are so in love with this shade of blue this year. This particular color started to really trend last year, which means so many of our beautiful weddings have taken a chance on this color this Spring. We loved this color so much, this month we are doing a styled shoot to showcase it’s beautifulness and we

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We are so excited about this gorgeous color for the month of March – LILAC. We knew we had to represent all our purple ladies out there, but we had a hard time deciding between all the beautiful tones of purple and decided the best color to follow our blush was the beautiful Lilac. Often times referred to as a pale violet or light purple, this particular varietal of purple

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Favorite Photo Monday XOXO

  Elegant pink-tinted glasses accompanied by bottles of sparkling citrus lemonade and gold foil straws sitting on a gold mirrored tray – this image makes my heart skip a beat! Simplicity in elegance. This image is photographic evidence that the little touches make all the difference. Plus, who wouldn’t want to sip their drink out of glasses that are so sweet? Cameron & Vince had the Midas touch when it

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What is not to blush about BLUSH? With this color being the most popular wedding color out there besides ivory, we certainly knew, there was no better month to gush on blush then the month of February. Blush became huge on the wedding scene about 4 years ago with the revival of Gold and Blush. Why Brides love this color is so much is because it is one of the

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Copper Details to Mix Up Your Metallics

I don’t think I’m the only one who’s happy that copper is still having a moment in weddings. The shade tends to get pushed aside for classic silver and gold, and the attention that it’s been getting recently brings an unexpected element to wedding designs. While still being a very elegant addition to details, it works well to complement both neutrals and colors to really make the main details pop. Take

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It’s Monday

SLIC Girls sending you XOXO on this Monday!

Daily Sparkle

Monday Breeze

Only 10 more days until Thanksgiving is here! As the year comes closer to an end, here is a tip I follow that applies to everything ~ make it simple, but significant. Have a beautiful Monday!

Monday Studio Girls Wedding Tip

Know that your wedding day will be everything you dreamed it would because of the man waiting for you at the alter! Do not get caught up in “perfection”.