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Can you name a more feminine, flirty, and fun color than PINK?! We can’t! Pink is one of our favorite colors and we’re so excited that it is our featured color of June. Since the beginning of SLIC we have embraced pink like no other, so this color is near and dear to our hearts. It also happens to be the color of our favorite flower which also happens to

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Light Blue, Baby Blue, Spa Blue, Pale Blue – you name it we are so in love with this shade of blue this year. This particular color started to really trend last year, which means so many of our beautiful weddings have taken a chance on this color this Spring. We loved this color so much, this month we are doing a styled shoot to showcase it’s beautifulness and we

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What is not to blush about BLUSH? With this color being the most popular wedding color out there besides ivory, we certainly knew, there was no better month to gush on blush then the month of February. Blush became huge on the wedding scene about 4 years ago with the revival of Gold and Blush. Why Brides love this color is so much is because it is one of the

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Ok, call us cliche – but we couldn’t help ourselves. We had to choose Greenery for the color to start off our Year of Color. We know it’s huge right now it being Pantone Color of the Year, so we really did think it was fitting Greenery kicked off our beautiful selection of colors!! What we love about Greenery is it’s really made it’s mark in the wedding industry the

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Favorite Photo Monday: Michele & Jonathan

  After looking at all of the gorgeous pictures from Michele and Jonathan’s it was hard to chose a favorite, but getting an intimate shot of the couple overlooking fireworks at their reception has to take the cake on this one. This stunning couple was married on October 17, 2015 at the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.   Photographer: Amy and Jordan Demos  Floral: LUX Florist 

Copper Details to Mix Up Your Metallics

I don’t think I’m the only one who’s happy that copper is still having a moment in weddings. The shade tends to get pushed aside for classic silver and gold, and the attention that it’s been getting recently brings an unexpected element to wedding designs. While still being a very elegant addition to details, it works well to complement both neutrals and colors to really make the main details pop. Take

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Throwback Thursday!

Happy Thursday! Here’s a special throwback to our very own Whitney’s wedding sharing her first married kiss with her hubby Cory. Xo Photography: Stephanie Fay Photography Coordinators: Some Like It Classic 

Need to save money on your summer wedding?

Planning a summer wedding can get expensive, trust us… we UNDERSTAND! Here are a few tips on how you can save a pocket full of money in just a few SIMPLE WAYS!   1. Have both the ceremony and reception outdoors 2. Serve lighter little foods rather than a whole big meal 3. Don’t go totally all out on your wedding dress- maybe even consider getting a used one 4.

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Top 5 Favorite Wedding Themes for 2015!

Everyone has different opinions on whether they want an actual theme for their wedding or if they just want to arrange it with there favorite decors and color schemes! It can be difficult to really dive into one specific theme and have to stick with it, but when there is one… the wedding stands OUT! To help you get a better grasp on certain themes… we enclose OUR favorite wedding

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