Pinks, Reds, Purples


Can you name a more feminine, flirty, and fun color than PINK?! We can’t! Pink is one of our favorite colors and we’re so excited that it is our featured color of June. Since the beginning of SLIC we have embraced pink like no other, so this color is near and dear to our hearts. It also happens to be the color of our favorite flower which also happens to

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Isn’t it Peachy Keen that we are celebrating the perfect color Peach this Spring? Peach is one of those colors we just simply adore. It’s not only sweet, but it’s one of those timeless colors that works handsomely for weddings. Although we identify peaches with the South, “ain’t she just a peach” “Georgia peach” “sweet peach”, peaches actually originated from China and are a very Asian fruit. Although, as wedding

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We are so excited about this gorgeous color for the month of March – LILAC. We knew we had to represent all our purple ladies out there, but we had a hard time deciding between all the beautiful tones of purple and decided the best color to follow our blush was the beautiful Lilac. Often times referred to as a pale violet or light purple, this particular varietal of purple

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Sweetheart Punch

Sweetheart Punch Ingredients 64 ounce strawberry lemonade 1 liter Sierra Mist or Sprite 1 1/2 quart container of raspberry or strawberry sherbet Instructions Pour the strawberry lemonade and Sierra Mist / Sprite into a pitcher. Stir together. Pour into the mason jars and top off with a scoop of sherbet. Serve immediately! K. (2016, January 28). Sweetheart Punch. Retrieved March 01, 2017, from


What is not to blush about BLUSH? With this color being the most popular wedding color out there besides ivory, we certainly knew, there was no better month to gush on blush then the month of February. Blush became huge on the wedding scene about 4 years ago with the revival of Gold and Blush. Why Brides love this color is so much is because it is one of the

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Wedding Video Wednesday

Everything about Blair & Timothy’s wedding video is breathtaking. The individual details throughout the video show how important each part is in creating a beautiful wedding day. From the bride’s shoes, to the paper products, and so much more, there are so many important aspects that go into an amazing wedding day. This video does a really good job showing how sentimental the entire day is, too. There is a

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Happy Monday XOXO

Most people hate Mondays, but here at SLIC we LOVE them! How can you not get excited when you get to see a setting as beautiful as this one? We’ve loving all the vibrant colors! Venue: Desert Botanical Garden Floral: Juliet Le Fleur  Photographer: Ashley Leslie Photography   

Ornament Love

As a collector of ornaments, finding a way to incorporate them into weddings is even better! One of our favorite ornament trends is decorating the chairs along the aisle with ornaments and berries that match your color scheme; add a touch of tradition!

Pucker Up! Find Your Perfect Lipstick

If you decide to wear a lipstick on your wedding day, picking the perfect lip color can be tricky. Here’s some tips to finding your perfect color! 1. Identify Your Undertone Everyone’s skin has undertones of either yellow or pink. Yellow is warmer, pink is cooler. A quick way to identify your skin’s undertone is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they are blue, and you also

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Throwback Thursday!

Happy Thursday! I am obsessing over Britta and Kyle’s magical centerpieces! I love how the couple added the lanterns to some of the branches to give these pieces a romantic touch! Wedding coordinator- Some Like It Classic – Wedding Design Photography- Andrew Jade Photography

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