Create a Wedding Time Capsule

A bride’s special day is special not only to her and the groom but to the family. Memories are created when you are surrounded by loved ones. Why not create a Wedding Time Capsule to look back on with your wedding? Invite any guest attending to write you a note that’ll be read on your first anniversary. The letters can include well wishes, advice for married life, favorite memories of you

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Can you name a more feminine, flirty, and fun color than PINK?! We can’t! Pink is one of our favorite colors and we’re so excited that it is our featured color of June. Since the beginning of SLIC we have embraced pink like no other, so this color is near and dear to our hearts. It also happens to be the color of our favorite flower which also happens to

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Wedding Drink Recipe

Pink Moscato Strawberry Lemonade Ingredients  1 bottle Pink Moscato 6 cups lemonade 1/4 cup strawberry vodka frozen strawberry slices fresh lemon slices Directions Mix and enjoy! This drink is a fun and colorful addition to any bridal celebration!

Sweet Escort Cards

After plenty of time analyzing, re-working and organizing, you’ve finally figured out where to seat all your guests during the ceremony. With one not-so-small task down, now comes the fun part of deciding exactly how to help your guests figure out where to seat themselves! Traditional place setting cards with elegant hand lettering are a beautiful go-to way to do this. If you’re the kind of couple looking to spice up

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What are My Wedding Colors?

You are engaged and you finally set the wedding date! Imagine that your wedding day is here –What do you see? Selecting your wedding palette can be difficult. Why? Your wedding colors are a big part of the planning process; choosing your wedding scheme should be one of the first decisions you make. Your wedding colors should match the location, the cake, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen and many other

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Gift & Card Exchanges

A gift or card exchange between the bride and groom on the morning of their wedding can make for one of the sweetest moments all day. Many of our couple’s chose to do this and it brings tears to everyone’s eyes! Something as simple as a card explaining how much you love one another and how dear they are to you can calm wedding day nerves and make the day even

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Wedding Transportation

You have all of your wedding planned out and ready to go, but how are you going to get there? Now that its 2017, there are so many unlimited options for a chic arrival/ getaway, I’ve compiled a few of my faves to help this small (but SO important) decision a little easier. One option is always the classic limousine, the style, size, color, and everything in between is up

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How to Incorporate your Sorority into Your Wedding

Involvement in a sorority is typically a major aspect of a woman’s life, so it makes sense to make it part of their big day as well. Here are some ideas to help you get started in making your organization a part of this special moment Pin your sorority’s badge to your bouquet (and your bridesmaids if they were members) Use your sorority’s flower in your centerpiece Add your sorority flower

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How to Keep Each Bridesmaid Unique

A trend that’s been hitting wedding by storm is mismatching their bridesmaid styles. Here are a few tips to keep everything a little different, but still uniform at the same time, leaving your bridal party on point and ready to wow your guests. Keep your bridesmaid dresses the same color, but in different styles: This is the most popular and is advertised across dress shops everywhere Have all of your

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Tips on Selecting the Perfect Wedding Cake

Deciding on the style and flavor of your wedding cake can be a tough decision if you don’t know where to start. A few decisions are as delightful as choosing your wedding cake. Figure out the blueprint of your cake ahead of time. Start asking around. The more informed you, the better the decisions you will make. Come up with a budget and go from there. Talk to your partner

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