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How to Incorporate your Sorority into Your Wedding

Involvement in a sorority is typically a major aspect of a woman’s life, so it makes sense to make it part of their big day as well. Here are some ideas to help you get started in making your organization a part of this special moment Pin your sorority’s badge to your bouquet (and your bridesmaids if they were members) Use your sorority’s flower in your centerpiece Add your sorority flower

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How to Keep Each Bridesmaid Unique

A trend that’s been hitting wedding by storm is mismatching their bridesmaid styles. Here are a few tips to keep everything a little different, but still uniform at the same time, leaving your bridal party on point and ready to wow your guests. Keep your bridesmaid dresses the same color, but in different styles: This is the most popular and is advertised across dress shops everywhere Have all of your

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What is not to blush about BLUSH? With this color being the most popular wedding color out there besides ivory, we certainly knew, there was no better month to gush on blush then the month of February. Blush became huge on the wedding scene about 4 years ago with the revival of Gold and Blush. Why Brides love this color is so much is because it is one of the

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Getting Ready Outfits

Having some type of pre gown outfit for a bride and her bridesmaids can make the getting ready process so much fun. Whether it be robes or pj’s these make for a super comfy way to lounge while getting hair and make up done. Not to mention, such a cute moment to take some photos!   This picture taken by Trevor Dayley And Kym Ventola captured this moment

There’s Something About a Bride and Her Bridesmaids

When you have a bride with gorgeous bridesmaids, you end up with nothing less than fabulous! Here are some of our favorite photos of Sabrina and her unbiological sisters!

…Something Blue

We are loving the idea of having your “something blue” being your shoes! Here are a few of my favorite heels Brides can use on their special day.      Photo from: Syle Me Pretty         Photo from: Style Me Pretty

Get Your Bridesmaid Dress for Cheap!

We all have seen the movie 27 Dresses where the woman has been in countless weddings as a bridesmaid. She has a closet filled with dresses from the previous weddings she had been in. Here is a hack for bridesmaid’s to get the dress they need without purchasing or spending the ridiculous amount of money and also without keeping the dress and taking up their closet space. has a variety

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Top 5 Favorite Wedding Themes for 2015!

Everyone has different opinions on whether they want an actual theme for their wedding or if they just want to arrange it with there favorite decors and color schemes! It can be difficult to really dive into one specific theme and have to stick with it, but when there is one… the wedding stands OUT! To help you get a better grasp on certain themes… we enclose OUR favorite wedding

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2015 Wedding Trends

There are so many amazing wedding  trends this year but my favorite trend is organic floral. I  know that sounds strange because all flowers are organic, but some don’t have the organic feel. This year, focus more on green and fresh looks. The main goal of organic flowers is to make it look like they were freshly picked out of a garden. Keep bouquets free flowing and only use natural

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Wedding Video Tuesday: “I Think I Wanna Marry You” Parody!

We LOVE a fun couple willing to get creative for their special day, and this couple is a perfect example! If you’re thinking of a fun way to make the big day memorable, here is an idea that you, and all of your loved ones can join in on! [youtube] Video: YouTube  Photo: True Photography 

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