Can you name a more feminine, flirty, and fun color than PINK?! We can’t! Pink is one of our favorite colors and we’re so excited that it is our featured color of June. Since the beginning of SLIC we have embraced pink like no other, so this color is near and dear to our hearts. It also happens to be the color of our favorite flower which also happens to be the most in bloom in the month of June, peonies! What else makes June so special to us? We have 4 June birthdays at our SLIC office! It’s a month of celebrating life and love!

When we see the color pink we can’t help to think of our favorite flowers! If you’re looking for a perfect pink bouquet or centerpiece we swoon over pink peonies, roses, dinner plate dahlias, and astilbes. The combination of these flowers makes a full, beautiful, diverse bouquet that everyone will love. If peonies are not in your price range we recommend swapping them out for garden roses; they are very similar, just as beautiful and are cheaper than peonies.

According to Bridal Guide, pink is the timeless “it” color for 2017. So what else is our favorite wedding trends incorporating this color? Accents! We love mixing and matching linen or incorporating that pretty pink color into your tables through table numbers or place cards! By incorporating pink into your place cards, it’s giving your table that little pop of color. It’s also a great indicator of what your guests are eating. By having that subtle detail of color lets the waiters know what that guest has requested to eat.

Now that it’s flip-flop season, that means it’s officially pedicure season as well! Our obsession this month is the color Essie Lounge Lover. It’s a lovely pink color that will look amazing on any skin tone. Match it with a fresh manicure and you are beach ready! Or in our case here in Arizona, lake ready!

With a couple of our birthdays coming up, all we can think about is sweet treats! Cakes, cookies, and cupcakes oh my! My personal favorite icing is cream cheese frosting but I’m also a sucker for a Krispe Kreme strawberry frosted donuts. Speaking of donuts, it was national donut day June 2nd so we all celebrated our Friday with some yummy donuts!

Pink will always have a special place in our hearts and we’re SO excited to feature it as the color of June!