Light Blue, Baby Blue, Spa Blue, Pale Blue – you name it we are so in love with this shade of blue this year. This particular color started to really trend last year, which means so many of our beautiful weddings have taken a chance on this color this Spring. We loved this color so much, this month we are doing a styled shoot to showcase it’s beautifulness and we can’t wait to share when the images come back.

So why did we wait so long to have Pale Blue as our “IT COLOR” of the month, because we felt like May was the perfect month to showcase. The weather is getting warmer, the skies are getting more blue, it’s pool season and we are ready to jump into Pale Blue.

Some of our favorite Pale blue flowers include Blue Hydrangea, Hyacinth Delft Blue, Delphinium and Iris Sugar Blues… they all are amazing. Blue Hydrangea we have seen a ton with weddings, but where we don’t recommend it is in your personal bouquets if you live in a warm location – hydrangea need hydrated and when you or your Bridal Party are out taking photos, that means they aren’t getting the water they need to stay pretty all day. Instead incorporate the blue hydrangea in your centerpieces to give a fuller more lush wedding look.

Can we say one of our favorite things about Pale Blue is the stationary? Talk about a great way to incorporate a subtle color into your day and it be completely timeless and pack a sweet punch. Pale Blue ribbon is also a nice added touch to any of your classic papers. We have also seen a lot of use of watercolor with this shade of blue… and we are in love!!

Ok, I suppose another one of our favorite things about Pale Blue is it’s fashion – we love this color on every single Bridesmaid we have ever seen. It is so smashing on every skin tone. It is also just a stand out color that really doesn’t stand out so much that you will cringe in 20 years when you see your wedding photos. It’s subtlety is EVERYTHING to us.

We are so excited to share some of our favorite Pale Blue moments this month with all of you. Nothing to be blue about over here, we are in love with our Pale Blue!