Sweet Escort Cards

After plenty of time analyzing, re-working and organizing, you’ve finally figured out where to seat all your guests during the ceremony. With one not-so-small task down, now comes the fun part of deciding exactly how to help your guests figure out where to seat themselves! Traditional place setting cards with elegant hand lettering are a beautiful go-to way to do this. If you’re the kind of couple looking to spice up some of your details, look no further than your name cards as a place to get creative. Here are some unique and cool ways we’ve found to personalize name cards and give your guests something tangible to take away with them:

Give Em’ A Glass: champagne is a wedding night essential and there’s no simpler way to make sure each guest has a glass ready for toasting than attaching their name to it!

(photo: Wedding Forward)

Let Love Grow: give your guests a little keepsake that’s reminiscent of the beautiful night and the life you’re about to begin growing together. Plus, succulents are easy to care for plants that bloom in nearly any environment (beware of overwatering though!).

(photo: Love It So Much)

Match Your Theme: while the ocean breeze is perfect to make any wedding day a beautiful one, it could also make for some chasing down of table setting cards. Tying the name cards to something light and sweet like these sea stars keeps in the theme of the day and adds a thoughtful touch to your decor.

(photo: Borrowed & Blue)

What creative ways would you use to help direct your guests to the right table?