How to Keep Each Bridesmaid Unique

A trend that’s been hitting wedding by storm is mismatching their bridesmaid styles. Here are a few tips to keep everything a little different, but still uniform at the same time, leaving your bridal party on point and ready to wow your guests.

  1. Keep your bridesmaid dresses the same color, but in different styles: This is the most popular and is advertised across dress shops everywhere
  2. Have all of your brides maid do the same (or similar) hair-do. For example, have all of your gals wear their hair down and curled, half-up, or all in a bun and keep their dresses the same.
  3. Get two piece dresses: This has been my absolute favorite recently, because it’s easy to mix and match but keep everything looking sharp. If your bridesmaids get two piece dresses, have them keep the same bottom, but mix and match the tops.