How to Incorporate your Sorority into Your Wedding

Involvement in a sorority is typically a major aspect of a woman’s life, so it makes sense to make it part of their big day as well. Here are some ideas to help you get started in making your organization a part of this special moment

  1. Pin your sorority’s badge to your bouquet (and your bridesmaids if they were members)
  2. Use your sorority’s flower in your centerpiece
  3. Add your sorority flower to your bouquet (or flower crown)
  4. Wear your badge on the inside of your dress
  5. Sing your sorority’s song
  6. Wear a piece of jewelry with your sorority’s symbol on it (and your bridesmaids too if they were there with you!)
  7. Give your sister-guests a flower to honor them at your wedding, for being there for you for life
  8. Show your pride in your wedding photos: make sure the photographer gets shots of your badge, and/or your husbands if you and/or him were involved in greek organizations as well