Isn’t it Peachy Keen that we are celebrating the perfect color Peach this Spring? Peach is one of those colors we just simply adore. It’s not only sweet, but it’s one of those timeless colors that works handsomely for weddings.

Although we identify peaches with the South, “ain’t she just a peach” “Georgia peach” “sweet peach”, peaches actually originated from China and are a very Asian fruit.
Although, as wedding planner, we like to incorporate peach in those southern wedding looks with lush greens, blooming flowers and hello…peach pies on dessert tables.
Peach is a color that can stand alone, or like our previous color lilac, peach is a gorgeous accent color because of its softness, and we aren’t talking peach fuzz.
With regard to fashion, this is one of those colors anyone can wear, male or female, whether you do a soft lighter peach or you rev it up by deepening the color, it works on every skin tone magically and there are many options in dresses and suits.
Some of our favorite peaches to use for flowers… Peach Renunculus, Peach Hypericum Berries, Peach Dahlias, Peach Lisianthus and for a more modern look Peach Delphinium. There are so many different types, it’s hard to love just one peach flower, really!
Peach is a special color, and it makes us want to make a peach pie as the weather warms up and make a sweet tea… but if you haven’t noticed you can’t get this fuzzy fruit until summer, but we don’t care, we celebrate this Color because it’s perfect for our spring wedding looks and flower options are always available!
Have a peachy month enjoying our peach inspirations.
🍑🍑🍑 Love Ya Peach!