We are so excited about this gorgeous color for the month of March – LILAC. We knew we had to represent all our purple ladies out there, but we had a hard time deciding between all the beautiful tones of purple and decided the best color to follow our blush was the beautiful Lilac. Often times referred to as a pale violet or light purple, this particular varietal of purple also carries a slight pink tone that brings us pure joy when designing weddings.

What we find from many of our purple lovers, is that with purple our clients aren’t opposed to incorporating different shades of pink to break up the purple notes. This is where this particular color, Lilac, shines. Whether you are wanting a deep rich purple or a soft lavender, Lilac is a good go between color when blending a bright bold magenta or a beautiful soft blush.
But don’t get us wrong, Lilac can also stand on it’s own and not feel any mauve notes at all. In fact, when Lilac stands alone it truly feels like a very elegant, sophisticated color with real depth; it tells it’s own story.
With regard to fashion, this color basically looks amazing on everyone. Not to mention, its incredibly timeless, so even if your wedding is a darker purple, this color is a way to give a little more romance to your Bridal Party look without coming off so fierce.
We definitely recommend, no matter what kind of purple person you are, to strongly consider incorporating, if not Lilacs on their own which are as delicate as the color, but the color Lilac itself to break up other purples and add a sense of softness to your decor combos. Although… if you’re just hunting for one very special color… this could definitely be THE ONE.
Love us some Lilac! 💜💜💜