What is not to blush about BLUSH? With this color being the most popular wedding color out there besides ivory, we certainly knew, there was no better month to gush on blush then the month of February.

Blush became huge on the wedding scene about 4 years ago with the revival of Gold and Blush. Why Brides love this color is so much is because it is one of the most delicate soft tones in the marketplace. It also is extremely timeless and well… let’s be honest… light pink has been associated with most women’s taste since we could first speak on our favorite color as little girls!

What we also love about this color of the month is that it really can either be the accent color or main event in any wedding. Some of our favorite color combos with blush include ivory and blush and gold, black and blush and ivory, navy and blush, and of course green & blush!!

As far as fashion – blush can be a little more tricky – this color sometimes works on skin tones and other times can wash you away, but with the right shade of blush, it’s always been able to win over the fashion world. And really – who can pass up blush shoes – I can’t!!

The one tip we have with blush is – be careful you don’t fall in love with all the blush flowers you see on Pinterest. A florist will tell you, it’s often hard to match the perfect shade of blush – it might look a little too pink when the flowers come in, so be open to incorporating some sandy tones which can mimic blush – like the quicksand rose!!

We couldn’t be more excited for this Color of the Month – Blush is always winning year round in our book!!