Choosing your colors for your wedding isn’t the easiest thing… We are here to HELP! Top 6 colors for Spring/Summer Weddings!

What color trends are in? What color trends aren’t? Unless you are fully set on a color that fits who YOU are, deciding colors and schemes for your big day can be an understandably difficult thing!

Depending on the venue, the season, the location and the COUPLE, it can become overwhelming and straining to decide on a certain few colors. That’s what we are here for! Tips, to-do’s and don’t’s and letting you know what’s in and trending are always helpful things to consider when trying to pick your colors!

The Spring/Summer colors for weddings are some of our absolute favorites, especially the up and coming trends for the new year, 2015! We are here to fill you in on some of the best colors these upcoming seasons, the top 6 colors for your Spring or Summer wedding!


1. Turquoise —

Such an “in” color lately, am I right? Because it is STUNNING! It’s a fun and bright color and lets you choose from any of the styles that YOU want. Have you ever thought of a white bouquet to go with? It makes the turquoise POP!





2. Blush —

What an ELEGANT shade of light pink, wouldn’t you say?! We, as women, seem to be so sucked into this wonderful shade, how could it not fit into the most beautiful and important day of your life!





3. Glacier Grey —

I’m sure this caught your attention, cause it still catches mine! Is this not forgotten yet AMAZING color mix?! It can look dull if it’s not handled in the right way, but try throwing in some bright yellow or pinks to splash along in there to make this color stand out and shine its wonders!





4. Mint —

The oh so “in” color in regular clothing… why not in your WEDDING?! It’s an inspiring color and seems to touch the heart in a different way (or is that just me)! It has been such a popular choice for the bride and bridesmaids over the past few years, and is only to continue to grow.






5. Soft Melon —

Such a light yellowy tone, but so different and eye catching! It can be mixed in with many other bright colors which are SO in too!





6. Orchid Tint —

This light purple shade is looked at as flattering, easy on the eye and looks great looks to many different colors- especially white! It;s a bridesmaid favorite, and it’s completely understandable WHY!




The Spring and Summer of 2015 are going to hold nothing but elegant beauty that fills the heart with joy and peace! These colors will help make your day the perfect gift, and don’t forget the pictures will turn out FAB TOO!