Groom’s Fashion – Inspiration And Trends

While it’s normally the bride’s fashion that gets all the attention, a wedding is also a great time for the groom to get a little dressed up and show off his personality! While some guys might just want to rent a tux and call it a day, this can be an opportunity to have a little fun in the planning process! If you’re lacking inspiration, don’t be afraid to look through pinterest or wedding blogs to check out what other grooms have worn! Have a look at some of these trends:

1. Colored Suits  

Is the traditional black not for you? You can get a suit in different colors or patterns to go with your wedding vision. Pinstripe and seersucker are popular patterns, but an unexpected color like this cobalt blue suit can really pull a look together!

groom, menswear, fashion, cobalt, suit

2. Pattern Ties 

A tie is a fantastic way to add a little pop of color or a fun print to any suit. It makes any look just a little more exciting and fun! Whether you’re rocking a bow tie or a traditional tie, this accent is great for neutral colored suits.

groom fashion suit bowtie polka dots
groom fashion wedding suit tie floral print

3. Fun Socks 

Grooms and groomsmen LOVE showing off their wacky socks – pick something colorful and silly! This is a good option if your attire is more formal because your socks will be hidden most of the day, but when you want to be a little goofy they’re still there!

groom fashion socks suit wedding mike olbinski goli kevin

Mike Olbinski Photography

4. Cuff Links 

Cuff links are a more subtle way to tie in your theme or something you love. Check out these anchor cuff links for a nautical theme or ones with a favorite sports team logo on them! (For something a little more romantic, you could get your monogram 😀 )

cuff links anchor nautical groom fashion men menswear navy white gold 
cuff links groom men menswear fashion red sox sports

 There are so many options for the guys out there when it comes to wedding day attire. Remember, it’s your day too, so have some fun with it!