How To Get The Most Out Of Pinterest!

Chances are, you’ve been pinning for your dream wedding before you even got engaged, and that’s good!  Now that it’s time to really get down to business, HOW are you supposed to navigate the thousands and thousands of wedding pins? You may have some ideas already about what you want, but pinterest can be crazy overwhelming for brides starting to plan, and too many pins without a vision can make planning even harder! Think about these tips to get the most out of this awesome site!

1. Know Your Style

Pinterest has ideas for all types of weddings – southern, rustic, modern, classic and whimsical. The style you choose for your wedding will have a major impact on your colors, your details and your venue. Knowing what atmosphere you want your wedding to have will allow you to sift through the pins that are relevant to you and ignore the ones you won’t use! You can also look for pinners who have specific boards for each style to make your search easier.

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Green Wedding Shoes

2. Separate Your Boards

Create different boards for Ceremony, Reception, Food & Drink, Fun Details, Dress, Invitations, etc… Splitting up your boards is important when you’re first looking through pinterest, because you probably won’t know exactly what you want right away. This way you can look at all of your options and while you finalize decisions, you can add a final Wedding board to bring everything together.

3. Be Realistic

Pinterest tends to have two extremes: it’s either DIY everything or crazy luxurious weddings. Be sure to take into account how much (if any) time you want to spend crafting items for your wedding, and keep your budget in mind when looking at over-the-top details!

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4. Keep It Simple

Keeping your boards organized and concise will help you in the long run as you continue to plan your wedding. Always remember to choose pieces that realize your wedding vision to make sure your big day is everything you want it to be!

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