GROOM: Boutonnieres for Every Category!

Often times the Gents don’t get a whole lot of input when it comes to the flower they will sport on their wedding day… probably because they don’t know what else the Bride is planning with regard to flowers and they think whatever she picks will be fine. A Groom will often worry more about food and music, than flowers and linens – so Bride – you aren’t alone if your Groom makes you feel like he just doesn’t have an opinion about his boutonniere – just let it go.

For Brides looking for something a bit modern, cool, and fresh – we picked your man some of our favorite boutonniere (bout) looks, and some he just might love to have an opinion about. We separated them into categories that will go with your wedding concept… so choose wisely!


renuncula and rose boutonniere amina michele

Renuncula & mini rose boutonniere with berries and a classic stripe ribbon.

rose and stephanotis boutonniere amina

Spray rose and stephanotis accented with greenery.

gardenia boutonniere amina michele

Gardenia bloom with accents of green.

white rose boutonniere amina micheleWhite roses on their own are always a classic choice for any Groom.

anenome boutonniere amina micheleelizabeth anne designs

Anenomes are a favorite of ours for boutonnieres and bridal bouquets.


mokara orchid monkey's tail boutonniere amina micheleShira Weinberger

Mokara orchids with fiddlehead also known as monkey’s tail.

phaleonopsis orchid fiddlehead wheat tuft boutonniere amina michelePerson + Killian

Phaleonopsis orchid with fiddlehead or monkey’s tail and a wheat tuft.

calla lily boutonniere wire wedding amina micheleA single calla lily with wire accents – for the modern chic Groom.

orchid with bear grass amina micheleOrchids with bear grass – another great modern look that pulls in the concept of clean lines for a wedding.

bamboo boutonniere amina

Bamboo shoots are a great way to stay contemporary on your wedding day. Men like them because there aren’t any flowers.


feather boutonniere amina micheleNothing wrong with feathers and sprigs of fresh picked from the garden greens.

burlap boutonniere amina micheleSouthern Living - Katie Stoops

Burlap made the rustic and vintage theme go round and round this year in the world of weddings.

succulent boutonniere amina micheletradewind tiaras

Succelent boutonnieres are ever so popular. Grooms like wearing them too because they are “manly”.

twine fresh picked boutonniere amina micheleFresh picked from the garden and wrapped in twine – a vintage romantic wedding look for your Groom.

boutonniere billy ball rustic vintage amina

Billy balls, berries & herbs – embellished with a quilted ribbon – love for a vintage wedding!

lavender sprig boutonniere amina

Lavender sprigs are perfect for a outdoor rustic or vintage celebration – this look is dressed up with a classic stripe ribbon – it makes it feel more formal.


scrabble pieces boutonniere amina

Scrabble is always a family favorite – if you and your Groom are gamers – this look is a match for your wedding day.

guitar boutonniere wedding amina

How about music lovers? Does your husband-to-be serenade you? He will love it if you surprise him with a little piece of music on your wedding day.

bow boutonniere amina

What I love about this look is it can fit any category of wedding – classic, modern, rustic or vintage – this look is clean and Grooms love it because it doesn’t feel frilly!

golf tees boutonniere amina micheleIs your man an avid golfer? Incorporate the game he loves to make him feel extra relaxed on his big day.

sand dollar boutonniere amina

If you are doing the beach – might as well try something a little beachy! Who doesn’t love a sand dollar?

starfish boutonniere amina

This look is even more modern and chic – starfish with bear grass!

berry boutonniere amina

Berries are another great way to not incorporate floral elements – but keep in clean. This look also can work for any style of wedding.

metal boutonniere steam engine amina micheleFrom the owner of French Knot Weddings on

Nothing says man like a steam engine – metal parts and metal scrap are perfect for almost any manly Groom. If you don’t think he will go for the rest you can always make adjustments – especially if you are purchasing homemade products from!