10 activities to do with your fiancé before you say “I Do”

It’s important to take a moment to pause in all the wedding commotion during your wedding week and take a break with your fiancé to take it all in.  So before all of your family and friends arrive into town, plan something for the two of you to do to reflect on the planning and the upcoming weekend.

10 activities to do with your fiancé before you say “I Do”

1. Couples massages or book a spa appointment together, and grab a lunch after

2. Dinner and drinks for two – a little romance or a little fun, you choose what you need

3. Sunset hike or walk on the beach

4. Visit to the local zoo

5. Bike ride, any kind of exercise is good this week, but better together

6. Local boat ride or gondola ride – something in the water is relaxing

7. Picnic in the park – nothing screams romance like a checkered blanket and a sweet bottle of wine

8. Hot air balloon ride and a toast over the big sky

9. Ballgame – something he can relax to also, but make sure you like sports, you need a break too

10. Comedy night, etc, whatever that you do… keep it fun and light, and healthy so you wake up feeling good!!

During this time together, exchange your wedding gifts to each other, exchange cards to one-another, enjoy being that single couple together before you tie the knot. Whatever you do, enjoy your time; you deserve it with all the planning!!